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US President Donald Trump visits Japan, May 25 - May 28.

Among the current world leaders, US President Donald Trump and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe have something of a unique relationship. The pair are regular golf buddies and Mr Abe has not missed any opportunity to interact with Mr Trump: they have had more than 40 conversations - in phone and in person - during the Trump presidency.


During the three-day visit, Mr Abe will take his US counterpart for a barbecue dinner at a local restaurant. It’s in line with the tradition of Japanese leaders taking US presidents out to sample local cuisine. Casual dining is often used as a way to break down the rigid and formalised routines in Japanese business negotiations. So what’s on the menu for Mr Trump? Robatayaki - food prepared on a traditional Japanese charcoal grill.

“Going to a robatayaki restaurant is a very visual experience, it has a theatrical point to it,” Tokyo-based food journalist Phoebe Amoroso explains.

“There’s seasonal vegetables and seafood all laid out for you. You pick what you want to eat and then it’s prepared for you on this charcoal grill. It’s quite a performance and visually very striking.”

It’s thought the two will head to Tokyo’s Roppongi nightlife district for their dinner - with their wives and a considerable entourage in tow.

While Donald Trump’s love for US fast food and steaks is well known, it’s not the first time that Mr Abe has treated him to Japanese delicacies. Though grilled meat seems to be a recurrent theme. emperor

The US president will also be the first foreign leader to meet Japan’s new Emperor Naruhito, who only ascended to the throne earlier this month. And Mr Trump is very happy to have that honour.