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Bible translators (especially in English) generally are some of the most careful formal users of the language; it is very rare to find any errors or usages that could have been considered dubious at the time. So you won’t be led astray by careless writers.

The Bible, especially the King James Version (KJV), has shaped English culture and language for centuries in profound ways. Many idioms and patterns have become popular based on that, so in a real way, you’d be learning the basics of how the language developed.

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The 100 best novels.

The 100 best novels.

Here is a list of the 100 best novels, have you read any of these?

1. Don Quixote Miguel De Cervantes
The story of the gentle knight and his servant Sancho Panza has entranced readers for centuries.

2. Pilgrim’s Progress John Bunyan

The one with the Slough of Despond and Vanity Fair.

3. Robinson Crusoe Daniel Defoe
The first English novel.

4. Gulliver’s Travels Jonathan Swift
A wonderful satire that still works for all ages, despite the savagery of Swift’s vision.

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Learning English

Learning English

Good morning everyone, Wednesday the nineteenth of July. Write a few sentences about learning English and how you are progressing with your English studies. For example:

“When a person decides to learn English, he or she is not merely absorbing the linguistics of the language, but everything to do with English and English speaking countries. Language is culture. Language is the soul of the country and the people who speak it.”

Write a few sentences and I will correct your grammar, spelling and punctuation.

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