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My Story

Hello. Welcome to Free English lessons with Andrew. So glad you’re here.

I’m Andrew, the founder of Free English lessons with Andrew. I’ve been working in the education industry for pretty much my entire life. I used to be in the Television Broadcasting business, but now I’m designing and building unique websites for visitors from around the world like you.

The TV Stations used to be my clients. Now they’re my competitors. And I’ve learnt a few things about them over the years. For example, the TV Stations don’t always give us factual news because they want lots of money. Or at least that’s not the only reason.


They do it because they are inefficient. News is different from other stuff. It’s untrustworthy. It’s tricky. Seeking the truth is expensive. So I’m doing something different with my websites. I deal direcly with you. Without middlemen.

That alone brings down prices. In fact it is completely free. That’s good for you. It’s also good for the environment. My eco friendly websites are responsibly designed so you can feel good about learning with me.

Find what you love, and you can post about it online.

I like to keep things simple. But you probably already figured that out.

Thanks again for stopping by Free English lessons with Andrew.