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After Mandarin, English is the second most commonly spoken language throughout the world.

Is it important to learn English?

English is considered to be one of the most important languages to learn. Having English as a skill would allow you to read and understand magazines, journals, and newspapers that have worldwide recognition.

English is the language of international business. Most international business is conducted in English. Are you looking to be employed by an international company? Many international companies have minimum English language requirements in order to advance in your career. Even if the people in your workplace all speak your native tongue, you may find that corporate information is all in English regardless!

If you are planning to study overseas, you may find that your school has a minimum requirement of English that you must meet in order to attend. In fact, most schools in English speaking countries require that you have a minimum understanding and proficiency in English commonly determined based on English language exams such as IELTS or TOEFL. Even if you are planning to travel to a non-English speaking country, you will find that many there speak English as a second language..

English is the Language of Entertainment.
English is also one of the main languages of entertainment, movies, songs, magazines, books are all waiting to be understood. There is nothing like reading original texts to understand the full meaning of what is trying to be conveyed.

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