In spite of, although, however.

Linking words, although, despite, however. We use linking words to join ideas together. Sometimes we want to link two ideas that are different from each other or we want to link one idea to another one which is surprising or unexpected. We can use linking words like ‘although’, ‘despite’ and ‘however’, to do this. Although … Read moreIn spite of, although, however.

Conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

Conjunctions: as, because, because of. As and because are conjunctions. As and because introduce subordinate clauses. They connect the result of something with its reason. Because is more common than as. He spoke quietly because he didn’t want Susan to hear. Everyone left early because Robert and Susan had to catch an early flight in … Read moreConjunctions and subordinating conjunctions.

Should have, may have, might have…

Should have, may have, might have, can have, could have, must have, would have. Listen to our podcast whilst reading about modal verbs: English modal verbs are both important and subtle. The subjunctive form is an attitude, not a defined structure. That is why we call it the subjunctive mood. The grammatical term subjunctive is … Read moreShould have, may have, might have…