Learn English – Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi 

Learn English by filling in the gaps:

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi _ responded to the infamous “Trump handshake” with _ own diplomatic tool of choice, the bear hug. A series of awkward greetings and handshakes between Mr Trump and other world leaders has left many wondering who could “_” his approach.
But for many observers, Mr Modi, an experienced _, has outdone that.
The Indian prime minister’s _ to hug global leaders goes back a long way.

He has been described as the most physically _ Indian leader in years”.

1. demonstrative, his, propensity, has, beat, hugger
2. his, demonstrative, propensity, beat, hugger, has
3. has, his, beat, hugger. demonstrative, propensity
4. has, his, beat, hugger, propensity, demonstrative
5. demonstrative, has, propensity, hugger, his, beat

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