C2 Level. Part One.

Here are 10 C2 level English test questions. Leave your answers as a comment on the home page.

33. I benefited a great deal _______ taking that online training course.
a. for
b. from
c. with
d. off

34. By the time you're my age, you _______ your mind.
a. will probably have changed
b. will probably change
c. would probably change
d. are probably changing

35. In such a complex situation as this mistakes _______ happen occasionally.
a. are bound to
b. bound to
c. bound
d. is bound to

36. _______ with being so busy both at work and at home, she became increasingly tired and bad-tempered.
a. Where
b. Which
c. What
d. How

37. I find _______ very strange that Mary has not been promoted yet.
a. her
b. it
c. that
d. them

38. We promised to keep in touch _______ happened to us in life.
a. whatever
b. whenever
c. however
d. wherever

39. Please come and see me _______ day you like.
a. every
b. some
c. all
d. any

40. Women had to fight hard to gain _______ equality.
a. the
d. her
c. an
d. their

41. Thank you very much — I haven't been to _______ party for ages.
a. the so enjoyable
b. so enjoyable
c. a so enjoyable
d. so enjoyable a

42. I'm sure he only said those things _______.
a. for annoying me
b. to my annoyance
c. to annoy me
d. for annoy me