English Test

Here are 32 English test questions. Leave your answers as a comment on the home page.

1. Your colleague wants you to come for a staff party. You’ve got the note: “You are invited to a staff party on Friday! 7 pm – 12 pm at the Hilton Hotel. Bring wine, salad or cake.”
When does the party begin?
a. 7 pm
b. 12 pm
c. 7 am
Can you bring a cake?
d. Yes
e. No

2. I __ at school yesterday.
a. go
b. was
c. been

3. Meet me this _
a. Wednesday
b. Wednsdey
c. Wednsday

4. The police wanted to know exactly how the money _ stolen from the bank. a. were
b. was
c. is

5. Which sentence is complete?
a. The girl was.
b. I go there today.
c. I like chocolate cake.

6. You are going to a play centre with your children. The note says: “Children must be supervised by parent or carer at all times”. It means that:
a. You need to take care of your children all the time.
b. You can leave them in the play centre and come back later.
c. There will be someone else to take care of your children.

7. Sorry, we are closed this week. In addition, our store in Yangon will _ be closed the week after.
a. then
b. first
c. also

8. I saw a lot of _ outside.
a. person
b. people
c. peoples

9. She is _ than her sister.
a. more beautiful
b. as beautiful
c. the most beautiful

10. Choose which words are sorted in alphabetical order:
a. bear, bored, bare, blue
b. bare, bear, blue, bored
c. bare, bored, blue, bear

11. What does the word “state” mean in the sentence: "He stated that he wanted to continue our partnership."
a. to declare
b. condition
c. land

12. What type of sentence is this: "My father’s name is Mark."?
a. interrogative
b. declarative
c. imperative

13. “If you had studied, you would have passed the exam.” means that:
a. you passed the exam.
b. you didn’t pass the exam.
c. you will be taking the exam in the future.

14. By the time Sally gets here, the movie _
a. has finished.
b. will have finished.
c. had finished.

15. I can’t stop _. It’s a very funny joke.
a. laughing
b. laugh
c. laughed

16. You _ to buy a ticket before going to the cinema.
a. should
b. must
c. ought

17. Anne is very bright. She can talk about _ subject that comes up.
a. whenever
b. whoever
c. whatever

Maths test:
18. Thirty-nine in figures is:
a. 39
b. 93
c. 13

19. 25 in words is:
a. tventy five
b. twenty-five
c. twenty fife

20. Is 9 less than 8?
a. Yes
b. No

21. Today is Monday. What day was it the day before yesterday?
a. Monday
b. Saturday
c. Friday
d. Sunday
e. Tuesday

22. How many days in 3 weeks?
a. 14
b. 21
c. 3

23. Look at these numbers: 6, 12, 18. The next two numbers are:
a. 24, 30
b. 36, 54
c. 9, 27

24. Crisps cost 37 cents each. What is the price of crisps, to the nearest 10 cents.
a. 30 cents
b. 37 cents
c. 40 cents
d. $1

25. What is half of 36?
a. 18
b. 72
c. 36
d. 9

26. How much are 100 minutes in hours and minutes?
a. 2 hours, 10 minutes
b. 1 hour, 20 minutes
c. 2 hours, 20 minutes
d. 1 hour, 40 minutes

27. How many minutes in 1 hour?
a. 60
b. 30
c. 90

28. Choose the largest fraction:
a. 1/2
b. 1/4
c. 2/3

29. 2.1357 rounded to two decimal places is:
a. 2.15
b. 2.10
c. 2.13

30. A carton of cereals contains 450 g. How many 30 g helpings can you get from the packet?
a. 15
b. 20
c. 480
d. 13.5 kg

31. If £1 equals 1.4 Euros, what are 42 Euros worth?
a. £58.80
b. £30
c. £34.50
d. £60

32. A woman works 40 hours a week at £7.80 an hour. She then works 10 hours overtime at time and a half. How much does she earn in a week?
a. £429
b. £390
c. £468
d. £312