Zoom Virtual Classroom

Improve your spoken English

Sunday, 07:00 UTC May 31, 2020
Our next virtual classroom will commence soon:

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Meeting ID: 731 7054 5104
Password: 4CD88U
The login details expire at the end of each session.

Most of us, including me, keep our cameras switched off (muted) and just use a profile image. This is to reduce bandwidth requirements, as many of us live in areas with slow and expensive internet connections.

What is a Virtual Classroom?

A Virtual Classroom is an online classroom that allows students to communicate, view presentations, interact with learning resources and work in groups. The software can also be used to host a meeting.

A Virtual Classroom can be used to hold lectures and tutorials online, particularly with external students. Virtual Classrooms allow you to share your screen or specific applications (ie a presentation) from your computer; to see other people’s screens (subject to settings), conduct polls; and write on a virtual whiteboard. Virtual Classrooms can also be setup as online meeting spaces for students to work on group tasks.

Zoom is a free software application that allows you to communicate via video, audio and instant messaging, as well as share live screens or presentations.

The Zoom sessions expire after 40 minutes when there are three or more users, as I am using the free version. I will be starting new sessions at frequent intervals and will post new login details for each new session.